The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

-Audrey Hepburn.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you for being there when i needed to smile, when i needed to hug and when i needed to laugh soo badly in order to breathe.
My lily of the Valley- Your this sensitive soul with soo much to give to the world. I am grateful that your in my life. Wherever we are in the world we can still meet up and continue from where we left of. Its easy with you, because your heart is too kind, your tooo sweeet and your always the kind of person who knows her duties and her place. You mean soo much to mee because you showed me how amazing you are. Your cuuute personality is an amazing place to be when your sad or happpy. Your an all rounder, because your amazing.
My chocolate with passion fruits- Your the most lightest, calmest, sweeetest girl i know. Your the definition of the happiest girls are the prettiest girls. I dont know how you do it, i reallly dont. Mashala. You make every little angry moment a not worth it to be angry moment. You make life's problems smaller than a dot. You dont give importance to the things that upset you, your gifted, your the happy dust fairy! Never take the youthful heart of urs out of the loving soul you own.
My coffee- The smartest person i know, literalllly. Ur a giver all the way. U make everyones problems ur first priority, you take their worries away by simply showing them that life isnt that bad! Great things await you my friend, i see you surrounded by great people who dont disappoint you, great things that you cherish deeply and freedom that allows you breath inside your soul and mind. When we sometimes discuss life and its mysterious ways, i tell you about my fears and you say why? then you listen and show me that fears are simply states of minds, culprits of our own demons and conspiracies we allow to exist. You tell me there is nothing to fear, there is no limit to how much you can dream and then you show me into a world of dreams that come true, because you told me to believe. Never dream smaller than your bigger than life dreams, they make you who you are, a soul filled with inspirations.
My caramel with Salted butter ofcourse- The inspirations that you bring into your everyday life is insanely inspiring on its own. You are of the most gold-hearted people i have ever been lucky to meeet. Your a treasure im lucky to win. We grew to become the bestest of friends and with that time you bared with me while i tried to grow up. You made me see that a life where im the weak cow, would only wind me dead and that being strong is not only a man's job. You come to me sometimes with the most forceful energy i ever come across with ideas bigger than me and you put together and most of all your never afraid to grab them and say i wana be something great one day. You always show that you can be better and that better and better is a journey that never ends. Your thoughts are always selfless and your worries are always about someone else.When we talk sometimes you inspire so much that you simply shed a light on the dark side of the world. Your something arent you? Never change.
My Rose- a true rose inside and out. Im soo happy that your a part of my life, a part of our fights, a part of our good times and a part of the memories that we are yet to create. Your a mentor i learn constantly from your maturity and level of understanding is beyond expectations, your amazing. Everytime we hangout when we get up to leave we always say shes amazing Walah she reallly is. I mean it, you reallly are.
My Pistachio- Your the family girl all the way. Your also of one the craziest moms i know. Your love for your kids is a classic love story and that is truly inspiring. Mashala. As someone who spreads laughter by constantly cracking jokes, i see you as someone who will break the world's ice one day and make it filled with cupcakes. Thats what you do, you make all things alright by just sprinkling your love to all of us. You have values made you who you are today, never change them or leave them behind there is still alot of learning we still have to do from you. Continue being the love triangle that keeps us all together, the glue that is made of love and the chewing gum that is always sweet.
My Vanilla- You know why i chose vanilla for you? Because your a classic girl, classic heart and a classic soul. I have never seen someone who practices their ethics as religiously as their religion. Inspiring. Your a woman with values that are used at every step you take in life. Your one of those people that im sooo grateful to be friends with, i learn from you everytime time we debate, everytime you advise me and everytime you show me that life shouldnt be as heavy as a brick. You my Juiccaaaaaaay, are truly a great friend.
MyMango-Jasmine- Your one of those people who even at their death bed will say life is goood, cheer up and have fun. Your positivity is insane-Mashalaa and your love for happiness itself is all you strive after. Your pure in that sense, and you know more than anything what is important to you. I love your sense of values and discipline, every one should own a handbook of manners from you. Your art is as beautiful as you, never stop and continue to breath it out every step of the way.
My Chestnut- I have never seen a soul like you. Your a true cushion of love all the way. Your too young to be to this kind, this loving and this sweeeet. Everytime i tell someone of your acts of generosity, they immediately say who ever he will fall in love with will be the luckiest woman alive. Thats true. so true. I dont doubt that for a second. I can close my eyes and tell you your too valuable to all of us because your too unique in every sense of the way. Never doubt for a second my love for you.
My chocolate- I have never seen someone as stubborn as you. Your mind, aaah i dont know from where it evolved. Your way is the tough way. Your love is the tough love but nevertheless your heart is one of the softest i've seen. I know you will say no way, thats not me, but i know you too well, your too soft when the biscuit is crumbled. Your the great soul that allows herself to only help other before herself. You love helping the poor and the needy more than you allow yourself to love anything else and that on its own is a quality to aspire. Whenever we sit and have a talk you say things that silence me because the points you make simply suffice, they are all right and put us all to shame. You are the upcoming IT person to be in the eye of Dubai. Never doubt how much you mean to me you wont be able to compare it to anything in the world, because you wont find the words. Be great things that once you dreamt of, be them because i know you can.
My coconut- Your one of those people im soo grateful i met, i loved, and took and put in a place called my heart. It's insane how we are the same, all our habits are shared, i laugh at you when i see you do the same things i would do to someone too. Not only are you one of the coolest moms i know but the craziest ones too. Wait not in a bad way at all, on the contrary whats soo amazing is that your a young hearted soul that will bring lets of life to her little baby M. Your kindness always reminds me that being kind is never gone to waste, never change.
My Bitter Chocolate(Grumpy old woman)- Here's a theory i have of you. One day you will rule the world with your jelly heart with the most leader-like mind. You may not see it but your too special to go to waste. You look at me and ask about dinner its either lebanese or pinkberry, if only we were thinner. You are the face of the family, the strength that will reveal its best to everyone. The difference is i know it from now, i have so much faith in you you have no idea. Nothing you will do will disappoint me, because you cant but make me proud. You have already begun. You act all protective thats how you show your love, your my bitter chocolate because one must get to know you to really understand your true greatness, go on be a leader and make us all proud.
My Blue- You said: " I wana be the blue", i laughed at you, becuase i saw a little boy with a big heart, a little boy with a big plan and a little boy that wants to love and give for as long as he lives. You sit quitely in a corner and smile from afar, your eyes twinkle and you think i love them too much i dont how else to show it. I see it, i know. Your truly amazing and your naivity is adorable. You dont know karma and that shows me a child at heart. You ask me if im ok and i see a soul thats too kind, your mysteriously the giver, the kinder and the most loving soul i know. But when your anger reaches its peek, it should be recorded and sent it to America's funniest video. Neverthelesss, i love u even at your worst because it makes you the best at your goood. I know you will be great things when you will grow up, because you started too early on, and already on the journey to be something Dubai has never seen before.

My praline, when i think of you i think of all the times we drove around in your baby as you would call it. We laughed, we joked and you made fun of me but always ended that sentence with i love u ….! You are person i miss every single day, because when you come to visit to take us all away from a gray world to a white one where fun is the schedule everyday. Your heart as tough as it seems is the coziest you place so many of your loved ones inside it and keep them warm. When i tell you i love u, i think to myself i wish i can do more i can say more or show u how much i do more and more.The amount of love you carry is insane and you travel from one city to another just to spread it, your special just because you are who you are. Your crazy but in a contagious way, i dont like music but when im with you make me love it. Thats kind of how you are, you touch something and turn it to magic, you touched our hearts by just being the girl we know.

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